Drilling for Energy Solutions

Oil and natural gas production in the United States is at an all-time high. This is because of hydraulic fracturing, or fracking. Before the use of fracking, the United States’ oil and natural gas reserves were trapped under layers of rock. Fracking means the safe process done by drilling a mile or so below the earth’s surface then directing a high-pressure water mixture at the rocks which release the gas inside; it is also the primary reason for the bounty of U.S. based energy that we enjoy today, which keeps us from relying on energy from other countries. Fracking is the future of American energy. It is estimated that in the United States approximately 95 percent of natural gas wells drilled over the next decade will require fracking. This process will also be used to stimulate new production from old wells. The U.S. Energy Information Administration estimates total U.S. gas production between now and 2040 will increase over 50 percent and attributes natural gas from shale for the majority of those figures.
Drilling deep into the earth has its potential risks, however what makes fracking safe is the government’s involvement. The EPA continues to work with states to ensure the process of natural gas extraction doesn’t negatively impact public health or the environment. They provide oversight and guidance through various acts, programs and systems such as the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA), the Clean Water Act (CWA), the Underground Injection Control program (UIC) and the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) to ensure everything is done to make this process a safe one.
Fracking is essential to the United States because it creates energy and jobs. The Information Handling Services estimates 3.5 million jobs will be linked to this process by 2035. It is believed that 80 percent of said jobs will be directly from the fracking process for instance individuals working on rigs or driving trucks for companies that supply drillers, such as pipe manufacturers. The remaining jobs will be induced jobs, or jobs that were created out of a need created by fracking such as those in restaurants, hotels and shops.

Drink Spiking: How to Detect and Avoid

There is no harm in looking for a great guy to go on a few dates with. The only problem is that some of these dates might involve drinking. Drinking is a part of life, even if some do not engage in drinking. Drinking is usually a very socially acceptable practice. There is at least one occasion where drinking is not an acceptable situation.

How many of you are familiar with something called “drink spiking“? This is when an individual puts a drug in another person’s drink without them knowing. This can happen at a bar, party or even a first date. It can even happen after a few dates. There is no set timeline for this to happen. It’s usually done by a guy the woman knows, even if it’s just a casual thing.

In no way, shape or form is this acceptable. There are ways to prevent this sort of stuff from happening. Going out on a date with a really great, cute guy should be a time of fun. Below are a few tips to ensure the date stays safe and fun.

  • If this guy is someone you have only been out with for maybe a few times, always stay at the bar when the drink is being poured. Watch the person as he or she pours the drink. At no time should anyone leave their drink unattended. Never, ever agree to “sharing” with others, even if they are his friends. It doesn’t matter how good-looking the guy is. Until that level of trust is established, always keep the body and mind protected.
  • Consider investing in drug detecting products like Swizzle Stick Drug Detectors which are available now or Undercover Colors nail polish stickers once they are available to the public. Both products can quickly tell you if there are drugs in your drink.
  • When carrying a drink, always keep the palm of the hand on top. This will prevent him from getting into the drink, or anyone else for that matter. It’s also best to only drink from an unopened bottle or can. Never, ever accept a drink that is opened up at the top, such as a martini or beer glass. These are too easily exposed.
  • One more thing to take notice of. Look to see if the drink has been moved at all. Look to see if there is something “suspicious” swimming in the drink. If this looks to be the case, then graciously decline the drink.

Going out with a really great guy should be a fun time. At no time should a woman feel like her life is being put in danger. Something as simple as “slipping something into the drink” does qualify as a danger. Only accept a date from a guy that you know and feel you can trust, even before the whole “going out to the bar” type of situation. If there isn’t any trust at the very beginning, there is no way any girl should accept a date at the bar with the guy. Be smart about this ladies, please.

Probiotics Promote Digestive Health

Probiotics are the good bacteria that thrive on the digestive system. The word ‘probiotic’ is derived from a Greek word meaning “for life”. It largely promotes gut health.

Sources of Probiotics
Probiotics occur naturally in the body. They can also be acquired through certain types of foods and taking supplements. Fermented foods often contain probiotics such as Koresn kimchi, Japanese miso, yogurt, certain juices and soy-based drinks.

Yogurt is probably the most popular source of probiotics. A single eight-ounce pack of yogurt contain around 10 billion of good bacteria. This may sound a lot but this is the normal rate found in yogurt. It is advised to consume yogurt before its expiry date. Yogurt loses certain number of good bacteria when it is close to expiry or it expires.

Supplements are also good sources of probiotics. For people who cannot consume fermented products or who are lactose-intolerant, supplements could be a great way to get probiotics. The supplements come in various forms like pills, capsules, powder or tablet. Check out Mannatech’s GI-ProBalance supplement.

Health Benefits of Probiotics
Digestive health is the foremost benefit of probiotics. Maintaining a balance between the good and bad bacteria in the gut help promote health and well-being of a person.

People who take antibiotics should take probiotics supplements. Antibiotics kill the bacteria in the digestive system, causing an imbalance in the “good” and “bad” bacteria. When this happens, the person may experience various symptoms such as diarrhea, gassiness and cramps. The cause for these stomach problems is the disruption of balance of bacteria in the colon. Probiotics can help restore this balance.

Another health benefit of probiotics is it helps ease lactose intolerance. Regular consumption of probiotics helps people who are lactose-intolerant prevent symptoms such as diarrhea.

Probiotics do not just promote digestive health; they also help with other body systems too. Studies have been conducted on the effectiveness of probiotics in promoting vaginal health, alleviating skin problems, minimizing tooth decay and other oral issues as well as preventing colds and allergies. A number of people have used probiotics as an alternative medicine.

Probiotics can have different effects to different people. Ongoing scientific studies are conducted on its efficacy. At times, people report that it aggravates their symptoms instead of alleviate them. This could be brought on by a number of factors such as the method of preparation or the varying strain of probiotics bacteria.

Heartburn Drugs Can Damage Cells that Line Blood Vessels

A popular type of heartburn medicine could hasten wear and tear of blood vessels.

Proton pump inhibitors, or PPIs, gunk up cells that typically line the veins and arteries like a slick coat of Teflon, researchers report May 10 in Circulation Research. Excess cellular junk ages the cells, which could make blood vessels work less smoothly.

The results, though controversial, are the first inkling of evidence that might explain why PPIs have recently been linked to so many different health problems, from heart attacks to dementia.

“The authors present a compelling story,” says Ziyad Al-Aly, a nephrologist at the Veterans Affairs Saint Louis Health Care System in Missouri. It begins to outline how using PPIs could spell trouble later on, he says. But Al-Aly notes that the study has one big limitation: It was done in cells, not people.

Gastroenterologist Ian Forgacs from King’s College Hospital in London agrees. Drawing conclusions about humans from cells grown in the lab requires “a huge leap of faith,” he says. So far, scientists have found only correlations between PPIs and their alleged side effects. “We need to know whether these drugs really do cause dementia and coronary disease and renal disease,” he says.

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Source: ScienceNews.org

The Benefits of Clinical Research Trials

A clinical trial is a means where potential products are tested to determine if they are viable. Clinical trials are conducted on all kinds of products including medical and nutritional products. The aim is to find out if the product can help produce a desired result. For example, a company may wish to demonstrate that their product can reduce the amount of acne on someone’s face or get rid of it altogether. A clinical trial may also be conducted to determine if a specific product can help provide people with benefits such as improved stamina and increased vitamin levels.

Double Blind Studies
Double blind studies are the kind of studies that are traditionally used in clinical trials. Such studies require the company conducting the student to avoid knowing which products are real and which products are fake or placebos. This kind of testing also means that participants do not know which products they are using. A participant in the trial may get the drug that is being tested or they may get nothing at all. This allows them to report all experiences honestly. It also allows the researcher to avoid knowing which particular participant is responding well and which person may be responding as well.

Reliable Data 
Another important benefit of a double blind clinical study is that it provides accurate data. Data can be gathered via a known scientific method that allow results to be drawn. Those undergoing such studies are allowed to engage in normal activities in many instances. A person may be told to go about their lives as normal, allowing the supervisor to learn how the drug is used in many varied circumstances. This also means that conclusions can be draw from the data about how it functions in many ordinary circumstances such as during certain seasons.

Mannatech Knows the Advantages
Researchers at Mannatech, a global health supplement company, know the advantages of using such important clinical trials. This is why all of their products are tested via such trials. They can then use such data to help demonstrate the efficacy of their products to their consumers. They work hard to help sponsor research on their products that is reliable and proven to be accurate in every single way. As a result, consumers can enjoy the chance to purchase products that they know will work as stated by the company. The company and the consumer will both benefit from this process.

See How Recycling Plastic #6 Is Easier than You Think

Green living has caused an ever increased awareness about the products used in homes and businesses, and continues to impact items used in manufacturing, packaging and shipping processes. Many companies use polystyrene foam in manufacturing, and packaging of products due to its many benefits. Some local government officials have put forward the idea of a Mississippi foam ban, but that seems like putting the cart before the horse. The most important question is whether or not foam is recyclable.

Benefits of Polystyrene

Companies have traditionally used polystyrene for a variety of processes, and found many benefits to using it, including the following.

  • 98% air
  • Sound and heat insulation
  • Safe material choice
  • Reduced manufacturing waste
  • Reduced cost
  • Reduced energy
  • Increased strength and cushioning
  • Easily recyclable

A product that not only reduces costs, energy, and waste, along with materials that can be recycled is a winning combination. Increased demand for consumer products means more and more products recycled by businesses and manufacturers than ever before. Small amounts of polystyrene are easily added to already existing recycling programs. High volume amounts, however, may require special agreements, or special handlers and contract agreements. Many states also have specialized handlers and recycling of polystyrene, such as Arkansas, Louisana, Mississippi, Alabama. Local handlers are always more convenient and may offer reduced costs

Recycling Polystyrene

When recycling polystyrene a few considerations will indicate what handlers are most appropriate. For instance, depending on where the product originated there may be special considerations, or handler guidelines that materials do not meet. Those considering high volume handlers should consider the following:

  • Is the polystyrene free of contaminants, such as food, dirt, and other materials? Contaminants may cause recycling companies to charge extra for removal, or will simply take to a landfill. Companies can avoid such costs by having a contamination removal system in place.
  • Is the polystyrene chemically treated for fire and heat? If not, some handlers may have policies not to handle the material at all. Many types of polystyrene purchased and shipped from Asian countries have not been treated for fire and heat.

Not every handler is appropriate for each material. Whether the material can simply be added to existing recycling programs will depend largely on volume, and other special material considerations. If special handlers are needed local services are available that complete material handling, and recycling pick-up. Some may have special bundling considerations, which should be outlined in contracts.

The Positive Impacts of Hydraulic Fracturing

The United States has been increasing its production of natural gas over the last few years, which has had positive effects throughout the country. Hydraulic fracturing has been a big asset when it comes to the extraction of natural gas that is abundant just under the earth’s surface. Hydraulic fracturing is essentially a process of stimulating the production of oil and gas after a well has been drilled.

This is done through a series of pipes, which channel a concoction of water, chemicals, and sand down into the earth and shoot it out into the earth. This essentially causes break in various types of rock that are under the earth’s surface, eventually leads to the release of natural gas, which can later be collected.

Hydraulic fracturing is a very efficient process, which is not harmful to the earth, and can produce a great amount of natural gas.

In the United States, nine out of ten natural gas wells engage in hydraulic fracturing, as it truly has become an industry standard. In fact, there are a number of companies that are expanding their natural gas production, such as Cunningham Energy of West Virginia. https://www.linkedin.com/company/cunnigham-energy Cunningham Energy was started just a handful of years ago, in areas across the Eastern United States, as well as the Midwest, but they have already made a big impact when it comes to their production of natural gas.

They have recently been working on merging with various other natural energy companies, in an effort to buy up larger areas of land, which can then be harvested of its natural gas resources. Although the focus on gas in the United States has been primarily on importing, rather than focusing more efforts on the production of our own gas, especially when it comes to natural gas, things have rapidly been changing over the last few years and it truly is a great thing to watch.

Companies such as Cunningham Energy have been creating a great deal of jobs and have been moving the United States ever closer to a country that supports us through natural gas production. However, it is due to the extremely efficient and less-invasive process of hydraulic fracturing that have made such expansion possible, and there is no question that the industry looks to be expanding in the future.

Europe’s Fourth Ancestral ‘Tribe’ Uncovered

Geneticists have detected a fourth ancestral “tribe” which contributed to the modern European gene pool.

Research shows Europeans are a mixture of three major ancestral populations – indigenous hunters, Middle Eastern farmers and a population that arrived from the east in the Bronze Age.

DNA from ancient remains in the Caucasus has now revealed a fourth population that fed into the mix.

Scientific advances in recent years have allowed researchers to retrieve and analyse genomes from ancient burials. The genome is the genetic blueprint for a human, contained within the nucleus of every cell.

This deluge of data has transformed our understanding of the modern human genetic landscape. It has also shown that present-day genetic patterns are poor guides to ancient ones.

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Source: bbc.com

The world would be crazy without foam

What would take-out or to-go food be like without the foam container? How cold would our coffee become without a foam cup? How would our packages be kept safe without foam packing peanuts? Foam has become an integral product in our everyday lives. Bans on foam take away the daily advantages and comforts that foam products provide to businesses, consumers and society.

If there were to be a Mississippi foam ban, things would go crazy. Foam bans often come from an elite few parties who are only looking out for their best interest. This issue and subsequent uproar is been in the metropolis of New York City. A ban on polystyrene foam in New York City was first proposed almost two years ago by then Mayor, Michael Bloomberg.

This ban was a product of political self-interest. The bill was then passed a ban and implemented in July 2015 by current Mayor Bill de Blasio. The ban was then questioned and struck down by a Judge who deemed the ban to be capricious and arbitrary in September 2015. Cities and states need to be cautious when considering foam bans. They should think of their foam facts before they make the capricious and arbitrary decision to impose a ban on businesses, citizens and their community.

Here are some foam facts to show cities and states that foam is a reliable, economically smart and environmentally friendly product.

  • Foam can be recycled.
  • The manufacturing and creation of polystyrene foam products actually consume less energy than paper containers.
  • Foam products have lower level of atmospheric emission than other products.
  • Foam products cost less than alternatives.
  • Foam makes up less than 1% of the volume in landfills.

These facts show that foam bans are counterproductive and portray a false image of foam. Cities and states should not be so quick or ignorant to pass foam bans without knowing their foam facts first. Let’s raise our foam cups high in praise of poly foam.

U.S. Harnesses Horizontal Drilling for Oil Production

Horizontal drilling is posed to continue altering the landscape of United States oil production in big ways over the coming years, both physically and economically. This impact includes a projection for the USA to overtake current leader Saudi Arabia in oil production by the end of the 2017 fiscal year. Seemingly exponential growth in this method of extraction has been the impetus for the transformation of the United States to the global leader in production. There are currently over 1200 horizontal drilling rigs in the country, up from the fewer than 50 which existed only 15 years ago.

Cunningham Energy (MarketWatch) is a West Virginia based producer of oil and gas, and they have taken note of the changing dynamic and adjusted their business model appropriately. Termed the Lion’s Paw Horizontal Project, the initiative looks to ramp up four new shallow horizontal wells in their home territory of Clay County, West Virginia. They are aiming to pull up resources from the Big Injun Sand Formation which is tightly packed sandstone above a layer of shale. This Lion’s Paw plan is a followup to the successful Dragon’s Breath initiative which has been successful so far, and the program continues Cunningham Energy’s commitment to environmental responsible drilling.

The secret to the growth in this method of extraction lies in the careful combination of both horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracking methods. This shift from vertical to horizontal has shown the promise of wildly increased dividends.

For example, Pioneer Natural Resources has stated that they were able to pull three decades of oil and gas production out of the newly built wells in only six months. That is an increase that may be greatly welcomed by anyone interested in the United States maintaining a dominant stance in an industry that has the potential to cripple those not able to stay current.

Finally, these companies involved in the horizontal drilling boom are not just pulling out oil and gas faster than before. In fact, they are reaching resources that were not possible to extract with older methods. This new technology has effectively increased the oil supply available to countries such as the United States of America which is important in the race for the black gold.

One can expect to see many more proposals for these type of horizontal drilling and fracking programs due to the success that current operations are experiencing, and that seems to be positive for all involved.